I am 15" and made from distressed mohair. I am fully fully jointed and have suede paws.

I am just 9" tall and made from sparse mohair and have suede paws
and poly/pellet filled.
I have a few patches and had to have a few more stitches added to my fur. I just keep falling off my bike. I have a special key around my neck.

I am a 9" cream mink bear. I have suede paws and wear a bow tie.

I am 15" and made from curly mohair, am fully jointed poly/pellet filled and have suede paws.
I am presently with a lot of other bear friends but would like
to find a new home.
I am now a 15" fox fur bear. My new owner is 10 years old. His
grandfather passed down his fox pelt. His grandmother wanted him to have a cuddly bear named "George" in remembrance.
I am a 9" teddy made from two silver tipped mink collars that have been passed down to Ruthanne. She then gave me to her grandaughter.
I was created from a silver fox fur coat given to Mary as a special Christmas gift. She now has me to cuddle. I am 24" and have her initials on my paw and wear a nice satin bow from the coat lining.
I am a 21" recycled fur bear. I think I am made from a muskrat coat. I am enjoying my new home.
I am originally from a mink coat that was handed down to Rachel. I am 21" and have two other sisters smaller than me. They don't live at the same place as me but we still see each other from time to time.
I was a mink coat at one time. Now I am a 16" teddy bear. I wear a nice satin bow from the coat lining and have a heart sachet with my owners initials.
I think am from a sheared beaver coat. I have a heart sachet with my grandmother initials . My paws are soft velvet. I am 21" tall

I am a 13" tipped fur bear from a fur stole and my friend comes from a unusual mink fur coat. He has leather paws and is 16" tall.
We share the same home and gets lots of love.